Avatar Cognition is a Barcelona AI startup working in Cognitive Computing and Generalistic Synthetic Intelligence.

On top of Synthetic Cognition, our bio-inspired cognitive AI Master Algorithm, we are travelling from cognition synthesis to generalistic intelligence.

A brand new cognition-based StrongAI platform for AI 3rd wave and the future Artificial General Intelligence.

We are hiring!

We are doing the most amazing travel towards Artificial General Intelligence. We are looking for the best talent for Avatar Cognition at Barcelona!

  • Computational neuroscientist: Do you accept the challenge to unveil how cognition is build on top of neural systems?
  • Cognitive Engineer: Data scientist specialized in classical machine learning data test and libraries. Expertise in Deep Learning theory, libraries and use cases.
  • CoreAI Architect: Software engineer, architect and developer in C/C++ languages. Expertise in HPC and parallelization on GPU multiprocessors.
  • 3D/VR/AR Solution Developer: Software engineer specialized in Gaming Development Platforms (Unreal Engine, Unity, …). Expertise in code generation for complete 3D/VR/AR solutions including external integration. Expertise in multi-platform deployment.
  • 3D/VR/AR UX Developer: Visual art designer and integrator to Gaming Development Platforms (Unreal Engine, Unity, …). Expertise in 3D/VR/AR data representation and real-time visualization.

Drop us your CV at